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A Primal Woman Retreat Testimonial

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Testimonial by Francesca Bennett after attending the Primal Woman Retreat

I absolutely loved the retreat and got so much out of it.

I am so grateful to have received your teachings and mentoring whilst on the retreat and so blessed to have had the special and safe space to explore and reconnect with myself and spirit.

The hotel, natural surroundings and the river were so energising and I truly believe that there is something really special about that place, especially the river.

Being right on the banks of the river really raised my energy and the dreams and meditations that I experienced there were so clear and powerful.

The retreat really helped me to connect with Creator, my spirit guides, angels and ancestors and their presence during the retreat was so reassuring and nurturing.

When I left the retreat to continue with my holiday, the connection with spirit remained so strong and their guidance was so clear. I could literally, physically feel their presence. I believe all the work that you guided us through during the retreat really opened me up and cleared my channels and I am forever grateful for your support.

I also continue to hear your voice reminding us to trust and believe and this has become my new mantra. Love it!

When I returned home, I was able to more clearly see and understand how surrounding energies (people, environment, work etc.) were affecting me and dragging me down and I returned feeling like I had expanded so much whilst I was on the retreat that I had outgrown a lot of things. I am so much more aware of how others affect my energy and much better at implementing boundaries with them.

When I returned to work, my colleagues commented that I looked so relaxed and peaceful and I was. However, after only a couple of weeks I felt the familiar feeling of burnout creeping in and I found that I just could not tolerate it after experiencing the peace and contentment that came after the retreat. My soul was screaming at me to leave, so I finally resigned. I finish on 16/12.

I was initially feeling REALLY anxious about start my own practice, but so many synchronistic meetings, guidance etc. have been happening and I have been sent so much help, that I just know I am on the right path. I am really feeling like I am in the flow and in alignment with my higher self and Creator and everything has been falling into place.

So your question, have I felt an energy shift in how I see things, ABSOLUTELY.

  • I am more aware (both externally and internally) and my energy has changed. I feel like a different person.
  • I’ve also noticed a change in what my physical body is able to tolerate and what it can’t and have been making changes to my diet and habits.
  • I’ve also lost weight and am feeling healthier and proud of myself. The next step for me is implementing physical movement into my life and making this a daily self-care practice. Spirit has also been guiding me to do this, so it’s time to stop dragging my feet and just do it. I told my son that I’m going to go to his gym when I resign (and take a break before starting my business) and he’s going to do some coaching with me.
  • I’ve also learned to trust and believe in myself and spirit more and I think this is the most important lesson that I took away with me, from the retreat.
  • Trusting and believing has allowed me to surrender more and not allow others (beliefs, opinions etc.) to affect me as much as they used to. My new saying has been “not my circus, not my monkey”.
  • I have also developed a firm belief that I am enough and I deserve good in my life and it’s okay to give myself permission to prioritise my own needs. I loved that your teachings really emphasised that we don’t have to defend our choices or explain ourselves to anyone and it’s okay to put ourselves first. I was always taught that I should put everyone else before me and always give myself the ‘burnt chop’ so to speak. My boundaries have rocked the boat a little with others, but I don’t care.

I am presently in a really good place and have been feeling so excited to start my own practice. I’m loving spending time on developing my business and truly believe that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I’m working on letting go of all the things that are outside my control and trust that spirit is taking care of it. I’ve experienced some amazing synchronicity, but I really think that my spiritual growth has taught me to listen, trust, believe and use discernment and this is what has helped me to notice the synchronicity when it’s happening and has given me the courage to take action as required.

Spirit has been telling me that “big changes” are coming into my life and I’m really excited to see what these changes are. I’m a little bit nervous, but mostly excited because I know the changes are going to be positive for me.

I’ve been keeping up with all the amazing work you’ve been doing on social media.

The dedication, care and commitment that you put into your business and clients is clear to see and this has been really inspiring me.

Thanks again for everything you did for me during the retreat and for all the things I learned from you.

I would love to attend another one of your retreats some day and have been telling friends and family about the upcoming retreats.

When I have time, I may join you in some of your online courses.

Enjoy your day and have a great weekend.

Warm regards,


John Doe

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I was so happy with the journey I experienced. I felt so free and peaceful after the ceremony. I have never been to one before and wow, I didn't want it to end, the chanting, speaking in tongues, singing and drums were beautiful. Thank you so much to you and your beautiful ladies for making me feel welcome.


Octavia Denny