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Affirmations You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

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What are Affirmations?

An Affirmation is a statement declaring what you already believe and know to be true. The dictionary also defines the word Affirmation as a sworn statement, an oath, a confirmation, or a testimony.

Here are 5 Affirmations or Mantras that you can incorporate into your daily life. When you vocalize an Affirmation, it shifts deep into the depths of your soul. Speak the words from your heart. Set your intention. Accept what the outcome will be.

You may want to look at yourself in the mirror while speaking the words. Pick one Affirmation that resonates with you and continue to use it daily as many times as you wish. Allow it to become ingrained into your psyche so it becomes something you truly believe.

Affirmations and mantras build a deep solid belief.

Affirmation No. 1

‘I AM’

Starting a statement with the proclamation ‘I AM’, is an exceptionally powerful testimony when building self-belief. For example: I AM COURAGEOUS, I AM STRONG, I AM LOVE, I AM WORTHY. Allow these words to vibrate and resonate within you, as you articulate them out loud.

Affirmation No. 2


Bring your attention into the present. This is one I share with my clients. For example: EVERYDAY IN EVERYWAY money, wealth, abundance, success, happiness, flows to me with joy, peace and love. I started using this affirmation a few years ago and it is now completely integrated into my subconscious. It has formed an intrinsic part of my belief system.

Affirmation No. 3


Always address yourself in the first person. This is about you, not anyone else. Here are some examples you can use: I serve from the heart. I live a happy and contented life. I grow in humility, knowledge and wisdom daily. There is no ‘we’ or ‘us’, there is only ‘you’.

Affirmation No. 4


I love this one. Even if you don’t feel you have a purpose right now, don’t sweat it. Keep voicing this affirmation, MY passion is MY purpose. Your words are powerful. You can speak anything into existence as long as you have the faith to back it up. I guarantee as you continue to build belief in this area, all will become apparent to you.

Affirmation No. 5


You have choice in your life. You decide. You already are an enlightened being. You know everything there is to know. There is no reason to be anxious about making the right decision. ‘Do I go left or right? Stay here? Go forward or take a step back?’ The answer has always and will always reside within you. Trust in yourself.

Affirmations and mantras are effective tools that you can integrate into your daily life. Choose to change your story if the words you use no longer serve you. I would love to hear about your affirmations.



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