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By Guest Blogger Donna Renton – Graduate of the Shaman’s Academy

The Dream is the theatre where the dreamer is at once the scenery, actor, promotor, author, stage manager, audience, and critic.

As the ego stops, the soul, in concert with the higher self, uses the sensory impressions of the day, to stage an inner message.

Our nightly dramas reveal the unique dimensions and inner reflections of our soul.

They convey a metaphorical message to the ego, the outer self.

The first nation people from ancient times to today have maintained a link with the dreaming. Creating a rich cultured heritage through song, dance, storytelling, and painting; expressing the dreaming stories.

“Our story is in the land …

It is written …

In these sacred places …

My children will look after those places …

That’s the law”.

Bill Neidjie

Kakadu Elder


There are many kinds of Dreams:

  • Authentic – recent memories
  • Lucid – see yourself – participate
  • Illusory
  • Healing Dreams
  • Prophetic Dreams
  • Epic Dreams
  • Progressive Dreams
  • Problem Solving Dreams
  • Mutual Dreams
  • Empathic Dreams
  • Telepathic Dreams
  • Warning Dreams
  • Recurring Dreams
  • Nightmares


A dream that I had in mid 1977 influenced me to make a life changing decision.

I was 16 years of age when I fell pregnant to my 15-year-old boyfriend. Unknown to me at the time, I was carrying twins. One was aborted, the other wasn’t going anywhere. I would have been 3 or more months when my doctor told me that I was still pregnant. I had no idea. I didn’t know. Periods were still occurring.

The reason I had gone to the doctor was that I had sliced my thumb on a meat slicer. It was my 17th birthday. Life went on, mum had the knitting needles out.

My brother Roddrick Charles had been killed in a car/truck accident when I was 8 years old. He was very involved in my life. He came to me in my dream, told me that there were two beautiful people wanting a baby of their own. I was to give my baby to these people. The next morning, I went to welfare and told them that I was giving my baby away.

18 years later my daughter found me. The first question she asked me was “Do I have a twin sister?”. She had continuous dreams of her twin sister and felt so strongly about being a twin. She didn’t believe her adopted mum telling her she wasn’t a twin. She was relieved when I told her that I had lost her twin, as no one had believed her.

My 2nd daughter when she was 9/10 years of age had dreamt that she saw her sister sitting in the back of a red pick-up truck that was driving on Boulder Road in Boulder. Years later we saw a photo of Renae and her friend in the back of a red pick-up truck.

I have woken up crying. I have sobbed in my dreams. I have been stuck in my body and unable to move.

I have experienced the force of someone trying to drag me out of the back of a panel van whilst sleeping. I couldn’t move to alert my partner. I was really scared. What kept me sane (so to speak) was that I was being pulled from the car with boots on and I knew I didn’t have boots on.

My family members are often in my dreams.

My mum and Vic, a brother from another mother were sitting up against the wall at a cave. My mum had been bitten by a snake. She stopped me from running to get the antidote that would save her life. In my dreams I was aware both were deceased, that didn’t stop me from wanting to help her.

My nephew Tony came to me to tell me he was coming back.

John Doe

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I was so happy with the journey I experienced. I felt so free and peaceful after the ceremony. I have never been to one before and wow, I didn't want it to end, the chanting, speaking in tongues, singing and drums were beautiful. Thank you so much to you and your beautiful ladies for making me feel welcome.


Octavia Denny