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Ego is Not a Dirty Word

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

In the age of the socially conscious entrepreneur the topic of ‘ego’ is discussed often. The majority of my clients are CEO’s, business owners and coaches who find it difficult walking the fine line of serving others and self-service.

When we look at the definition of ‘ego’ as used in psychoanalysis, it ‘is the part of the mind that meditates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity’.

Our individual belief systems and values have been established by way of preconditioning from a very young age. These standards and ideals are not our own, but invariably from those that have played an integral part in our formative years.

As it happens, when we are aggrieved by what we hear, it is the connection we make in our subconscious mind, to the memories we have stored there from past incursions into our belief system. These memories trigger stories, which are directly related to our feelings of self worth and abandonment that we place on our self.

Why is there so much dissension in the world? One group of people customarily feel their opinion is right, and the other party is wrong. There is no right or wrong. Only your perception of the situation and the circumstances you find yourself in.

We project our insecurities and inadequacies that we feel deep within our own self, onto anyone we feel challenges our identity. In business and in life it is easy to get caught up in preening and ruffling one’s feathers. When you utter words to place yourself above another person, subjugating their beliefs and values, then consider that it is your feeling of self-importance that you are imposing on the other. Projecting your own dissatisfaction and feelings of self-worth. Self-esteem and value of oneself can be shrouded when we project our anger or disappointment onto another human being.

Ego returns to our own identity and our self-worth issues that is, the manner in which you see yourself in the world. Ego isn’t a bad thing it is your choice of how you show up in life. Be congruent with who you really are. Check in with yourself before you cast dispersions on someone else. Where is what you have to say coming from? Is it coming from a place of service and humility? Always connect with your authentic truth first. Listen to that inner voice, your gut. Embrace and be open to change, direction and spiritual instruction.

So this is what I share with my clients, ego is not a dirty word it all comes down to the intention placed behind it.

John Doe

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