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Lessons from a Spider

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

I was mesmerised and intently watching a spider spin her web. She started with shooting down one line of silk, attached to the netting above the koi pond. I found this interesting in itself as she was fearless, suspended over a large body of water.

‪#‎knowledgebomb Did you know that the silk spiders produce, weight for weight is stronger than steel? The silk thread has the ability to absorb a great deal of energy and force.

This is another cool thing, not only is the silk strong it also allows for movement and flow. Spiders use their silk (gossamer) for ‘ballooning/kiting’. They shoot out several threads into the unknown and see where it leads them.

As she spun this one line, she strengthened it by spinning thread around it and ensuring it was anchored and strengthened. Aware of her surroundings and her environment, she sensed the breeze building into a gust of wind and went completely horizontal, giving the wind less surface. Her foundation was strong as she was pushed by the wind. She just held on.

The wind passed and off she went spinning another line of silk in a different direction.


  • Have a plan.
  • Build a strong foundation. Ensure its structurally sound (test it!)
  • Be patient.
  • Be persistent.
  • Give yourself permission to allow the goal posts to change. If the breeze takes you in a different direction, go with the flow.
  • Become aware of your environment (social, business, personal).
  • Leap out! Get uncomfortable! Trust your instincts! Be fearless!
  • The power is within YOU!!


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I was so happy with the journey I experienced. I felt so free and peaceful after the ceremony. I have never been to one before and wow, I didn't want it to end, the chanting, speaking in tongues, singing and drums were beautiful. Thank you so much to you and your beautiful ladies for making me feel welcome.


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