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Living My Shadow Life

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By Guest Blogger Jasmine Smith – Graduate from the Shaman’s Academy

The mention of the ‘Shadow self’ does it raise curiosity or fear?

What are your current beliefs about life? Do these beliefs dictate the way in which you view the world today.

We will explore the ancient practices of Shamanism and how they work as a co creation with all beings across the physical and spiritual realms.

Moving inwards bringing your attention to your emotions the causes and effects also the intentions and actions surrounding these emotions is it happiness, sadness or anger? The vibrational energy of these emotions radiate outside yourself and outwardly into the world, you may remember the effect other people’s moods have on yours, a wedding is a joyous occasion so the vibrational energy is usually high, same too can be felt with grief at a funeral this vibrational energy is considered low, however in my experience grief is a high vibration, so why do we associate happy with high and grief with low? Highs with good and lows with no good? To understand the shadow we must go deeper within here is where we can begin to form a clearer understanding of our beautiful shadows and how they help.

Growing up I considered life challenging, many conditioned self-beliefs taught or shown through family friends and experiences, moulded my view in how I lived and viewed my surroundings even more importantly my thoughts, during a mental breakdown in my late 30s I struggled to keep my head above water, continuous periods of crying lead to insomnia and panic attacks, which began affecting my ability to drive without feeling overwhelmed in normal everyday traffic, knowing that I could not keep living like this, I began to build time blocks, time to sleep if even for 10minutes, time to sit with my family watching tv for an episode before returning to my room, moment by moment I built myself slowly while my shadow self walked alongside me, bringing to my awareness all the feelings I was holding back and all the emotions I kept hidden, still unaware of shadows existence.

Resilience, courage, vulnerability, patience and love these wonderful traits my parents, grandparents and many more people I knew possessed at one time or another, these memories of them I drew inspiration from and continued to build my life anew.

Where is the Shadow?

The shadow self unveils all things that I myself or others had knowingly or unknowingly placed in a little corner of my soul never to be seen, the shadow slowly brings to light these realisations, because that is what they are, they all are the non-truths the sabotage and the self sabotage, the shadow implores you to rise so you may begin to work through these things, remembering we are all unique, no two will share the same experiences emotions or feelings and how each of us cope through these moments will depend on the fingerprints we’ve had in our lives.

We heal in our own timelines.

Shamanic rituals for many centuries worldwide have been and are still performed by shamans and their tribes, these traditions are deeply rooted within them through ancestry and spiritual connection to the great divine nature and elements, from birth rituals of protection and guidance for the child throughout its life are celebrated, teachings of the part we play in this universe are a crucial part of life and surviving all its adversities.

Ever wondered how a shaman walks in both physical and spiritual worlds or realms as it is best known? The shaman lives as a whole body consisting of light and shadow, what does this mean? If I can use the example of our light bodies being transparent flowing with love and a luminous light in which evolvement of our soul can achieve over and over again, just as the shadow seeks to evolve also to high levels of evolvement through bringing to surface the parasitic beliefs and conditionings we hold, so that they may be dealt with and no longer causing dis-connection or dis-ease within ourselves, thus allowing healing to begin, the shadow seeks to assist you and is of the same cyclic nature that flows for the greater good of us all.

Just as a person seeks water for thirst, the shadow seeks your conscious awareness first for understanding so you can choose to willingly begin removing all parts that do not serve your soul.

Curious how these shamanic practices weave into your life now? You have already begun, to understand our shadow self is to know oneself, whether you have great to little knowledge is of no importance, it is knowledge enough to know as humans we feel, we experience, we search, remembering our shadow self seeks to share with you parts of self that you may or may not know exist, sabotaging you holding you in negative behaviours and patterns, your light self in co creation with shadow will bring love, patience, courage to begin working with and through these matters.

We are wondrous within and enormous outside, in todays world there are many options available for numerous health and wellbeing conditions, faith and spiritualism are part of these options, in respect of all natures of healing in all its entirety it is only right to acknowledge that there is not a one size fits all answer, it is your choice to choose that which aligns and feels best for you.

I walked the path of light and hid the dark parts of myself in shame and fear, in doing so my life despite my best efforts to live in true alignment, always felt fragmented, the love for my husband and children started me on a Journey into Shamanism, learning the true nature of shadow self, changed my life and with it my perspectives, to know these dark parts could heal, be forgiven or moved on with love, has bought to my life peace and hope for continuous healing and evolvement, to face adversities in complete trust of my truth and in connection with my ancestors and spirit guides, like my first breath at birth, I took my first breath as an adult.

I give loving acknowledgment to Deb my beautiful Shaman teacher and her ancestors for the wisdom and knowledge shared with me and for your continuous guidance in my life today, my hope in sharing ‘Living my shadow life’ with the readers is that you begin to build your internal library with knowledge of all learnings past present and future in order to live to your highest possible vibration.


My Gratitude for your presence

Jasmine Smith

John Doe

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I was so happy with the journey I experienced. I felt so free and peaceful after the ceremony. I have never been to one before and wow, I didn't want it to end, the chanting, speaking in tongues, singing and drums were beautiful. Thank you so much to you and your beautiful ladies for making me feel welcome.


Octavia Denny