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Meditate Here and Now

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By Uttam Ghosh

Many of us when we meditate are not awake in that moment of being present. Using the concept of being in the here and now, most of us live our life in the past or future. Being unhappy at what has already happened and fearful about may occur. We carry this also into our practice.

You may practice meditation for many years and feel relaxed for that moment or maybe for a few hours, but is that what meditation is?

Relaxation is just the beginning state of meditation. We must commit to go deeper and find the state of pure unchangeable being.

You say, something is missing in my life but I don’t know what? The answer is you are missing. Meditation is an everlasting practice. It is something that makes you independent and not always running from one teacher to other, from one style to other.

We spend all our time for others, from the time we wake up to the time we sleep. If you think that you feeding your stomach, or taking care of this physical body is all there is, then my dear friends ask yourself have you ever feed your soul or self?

Remember next time when you practice mediation, that moment which brings your mind in the present, because this is the practice, which helps to feed your soul.

You may have questions in your mind that you cannot stop thinking about. Bring your mind back. Most of us always fight with our mind. Remember your mind can be your best friend and in the same time it can be your biggest enemy.

There is no need to control your mind or to control your thoughts. Do not create anything for that moment. There is no need to judge or analyze. Neither allow your mind to create anything. Just be spontaneous. If things are coming up by themselves, just observe. Be silent and try to be more aware of the present moment.

So from today, find a space or corner in your house. For 15 minutes, try to sit there everyday, at the same time, without missing a day. Just sitting there silently observing and witnessing the mind, being aware of that process, watching the breaths, being relaxed, surrender the mind and body, make your body more connected with the ground (earth) and feel the affinity and union with self.
Great Saint Francis said:

“What you are searching for, it’s searching you where you are searching from.

What you looking for, it’s looking you where you looking from.

So its right there, we just have to become aware of it and you can find that association with one when you drop the mind and not get involved and with  feeding your thoughts.


By applying this technique, you will notice a big difference in your daily practice.

– Uttam Ghosh



Uttam Ghosh (Yogi Rishi Raj) was born into a Yadav family in Rishikesh, the city of yogis in India. Since childhood he chose to dedicate his life to unravelling the mysteries and power of the invisible life force energy of yoga. His discovery led him to a special interest in leading a spiritual life through practising Kundalini, Yantra, Mantra & Tantra.

Through his work, dedication and experience, Swami Vidyananda initiated him onto the Kundalini yoga path. This has shaped his life to become both a student and a teacher continuing to share the light and wisdom of the ancient teachings.

During his close relationship with yoga came the realization that the life of kundalini needs much discipline, respect and honoring of the powerful female energy to awaken the Great Kundalini that may be dormant within each of us. One has to cultivate the pure female energy qualities of unconditional love, care, compassion, humbleness and patience by which kundalini then awakens by itself without much effort and force.

In simple words, when the ego melts, kundalini arises. Uttam is now teaching a wide range of transformational kundalini, hatha yoga and ashtanga vinyasa techniques in Rishikesh.

He also explored ways to reach out to many westerners in Saudi Arabia to share the techniques and methods of Kundalini yoga through a holistically scientific approach.

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