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OMG! What Do You Eat?

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I have been asked to share some of my vegan recipes and thought it appropriate to title my articles ‘OMG! What do you eat?’ This is the question often asked of me, from people enquiring about why I am a vegan. The other most common statement is, ‘I don’t know how you do it. I couldn’t eat only fruit and vegetables’. I am hoping my ongoing articles will inspire you to think outside the box when making food choices, and who knows perhaps give veganism a go once a week.

I am not only a vegan but also gluten free.

I am here to educate you to think about the food you are consuming from a different perspective. As a Shaman, Seer and Transformational Life Coach I will also be sharing some universal consciousness principles around food, energy, and self.

“What you eat. How you eat. When you eat”. This is my basic principle around food and energy transference. This is my philosophy.

Who am I? As stated above, I am a Shaman. My ancestral lineage hails from northern India, Nepal, and Tibet. My granny was a Shaman and so was my great, great grandmother. I come from an ancient line of healers, philosophers, and teachers. I have studied anthropology, history, human psychology, and behavior.

Food has been an important part of our lives from primitive times. Let’s rewind the clock and take a look at how primal man or woman might have sustained themselves. Do you know that 80% of their diet consisted of fruit, nuts, seeds, and vegetables? I am sharing my research and learning’s and bringing it into the 21st century for you.


Legumes are a great source of protein and also a good base for preparing many vegan dishes. I am a big believer in getting as close to nature as we can when eating. Self-preparation instead of purchasing pre-prepared food. You might be thinking ‘that’s great but I just don’t have the time?’ What if I could share with you some easy tips and recipes that would actually save you time in the kitchen?

In this age of diabetes, heart disease, and other illnesses, not only in adults but also in many children ask yourself ‘How important is my health?’

The recipe I am sharing with you today is my VEGAN CHILI.

I use this as a base for lots of recipes. I make up a batch and freeze it in meal-sized containers.

Use naturally dried organic beans. My 1st Tip is KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD IS GROWN. Start educating yourself. Is it organic? Freeze dried? Are any preservatives added? Ask questions and start learning for your own health and for your family’s health.

I was very ill in 2013 and self healed myself through food. Anything is possible. Food is a massive part of our life and can have a detrimental affect causing illness. What are you putting into your body? I know my body and what my body needs to function. I eat to sustain myself.


I have found a huge difference between store bought legumes in a can and activating your own dried beans. A lot of people choose not to eat legumes because of FLATULENCE. So let me blow this myth out of the water. When I consume any canned goods I suffer a great deal from bloating and wind. I have noticed after eating legumes I have prepared from scratch (that is, they were once dried) I do not suffer from bloating or wind. This is because the beans still have their ‘meaty’ texture, which means you chew your food. Legumes in tins are normally soft and it’s a couple of bites and then swallow. You eat them faster, you consume more, and there is a build up of gas in the stomach. Try it for yourself. Individual results apply. This is from my experience.

When you prepare your own legumes the mastication process aids in digestion.

I work from home so everything I do is fitted around my clients and my business. 2nd Tip HOW TO PREPARE YOUR LEGUMES. In today’s recipe we are using kidney beans. Pour your dried kidney beans into a bowl. Fill to 2 inches above with filtered water. Add a good grinding of Himalayan salt. The legumes will expand as they absorb the water. Leave for 24-48 hours. My next hint is NEVER CHANGE OR THROW OUT THE WATER. We will be using the water when we cook our chili. My recipes are never measured. I will add some measurements as a guide but allow yourself to be free flowing when creating your own chili. This is my basic recipe and I change it up from time to time by adding different ingredients.


Check out (Bouillon and gravy) Gluten free, wheat free, no animal content, lactose free, cholesterol free, trans fat free, preservative free, no added MSG, vegan, suitable for people with coeliac disease, made using GMO free ingredients.

Chili also adds flavor. If you like a medium tasting chili take out the dried chili’s and change to only ½ level teaspoon of chili powder.


Activated kidney beans with water

1 heaped teaspoon ground dry paprika

1 heaped teaspoon cumin seeds

1 heaped teaspoon coriander seeds

1 heaped teaspoon ground chili powder

1 heaped teaspoon ground ginger

1 heaped teaspoon ground garlic

3-5 dried chili

4 grinds Himalayan salt

4 grinds black pepper

24 Roma tomatoes

1 Massel stock cube

Add into large pot kidney beans with water, paprika, chili powder, ground ginger, ground garlic, Himalayan salt, black pepper and Massel stock cube.

Food process tomatoes until mushy. Add to pot.

Dry roast cumin, coriander seeds, and dried chili. Ground with mortar & pestle or use an automatic grinder. Add to pot.

Bring to boil and then simmer until kidney beans are tender but firm. Depending on stove cooking time can vary 3-5 hours.


With black rice

Organic corn chips

Corn tortillas


Fresh coriander

Diced cucumber

Diced tomato

Diced red onion

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