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Pushing Yourself Out of the Comfort Zone

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

As far as I can remember, I never wanted to stand out or draw attention to myself for fear of ridicule. Early on in my life, I made the decision to wear the mask that said everything was okay. I used to daydream about what my life could be like.

All my life I wanted to expand, take a risk but was too scared of stepping outside my comfort zone and what I perceived was the norm. I knew that if I wanted to achieve greatness in my life, I had to understand why I was undermining myself and getting in the way. I wanted success but deep down was scared of what that meant.

Let me ask you this question. Are you happy and content with all aspects of your life? Love, relationships, business/career, money, self-belief, family, health?

Does your mind, the logic part of the brain rule your life?

Do you analyze every situation before you take a chance on anything?

Did you realize by over analyzing you are actually holding yourself back from realizing your dreams? Our subconscious mind has created stories and memories to protect us. Like, ‘Remember when…. You did this …. This happened’. I have 5 tips for you today. Connect with me if you are interested in learning more.

1. Embrace Your Individuality
Do you try to emulate someone to the point that you are copying everything that they do? I don’t mean when you see someone as a role model and learn from them, but when you change who you are to become someone you are not. Your uniqueness and individuality is what will bring people to your door. Whether it is your ideal client or the soulmate you are searching for. Embracing your individuality is connecting with your true core beliefs and values. Many of my clients are coaches and business owners. Once I start talking about mindset and awareness I’m often met with the response of ‘I know all this stuff’.

“Cool, how is it working out for you?”

‘It doesn’t work for me’

“Interesting…let’s talk about it. Because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this shit is real and does work”.

By grasping these simple principles, you will be able to manifest money in your life. These principles will help you find that deep love and realization with your partner or to find your soulmate and true love.

You can manifest a better working relationship with your boss and bosses can manifest a better working relationship with their staff and clients.

How do we push our self out of the comfort zone?

Answer me these questions.

What do you really believe?

Deep down what are your core beliefs and values? And Why?

What stories do you tell yourself that stop you from achieving greatness?

The first tip is to EMBRACE your individuality and uniqueness.

2. Let’s Get Uncomfortable
I am talking about getting really, really uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable means you are stepping into that unknown zone where anything is possible. You are making the choice to leap in with both feet, come what may. By being uncomfortable you are bringing growth, abundance, success, money and wealth into your life and business. So why are you choosing to play small? REALIZE your dreams in life and business. GET UNCOMFORTABLE! I can help you get there.

3. Vulnerability = Strength
I know so many people who will not show their vulnerability because they believe it’s a sign of weakness, or they are concerned about what other people will think of them. Do you know that when you acknowledge your vulnerability, it makes you stronger? People want to connect to people not robots, not copies. They want to connect to YOU. Your vulnerability is your story and that is what attracts people to you.

4. I Love Fear!
I absolutely love fear. Acknowledging and embracing our fears allows us to grow. What do you say to yourself when a fear is triggered? Do you push it aside without acknowledging it? Embracing our fears allow us to release them once and for all from our lives.

5. Authenticity + Truth
What is your truth? Are you always being authentic? Here’s a hint, drop into your heart. Your life cannot only be ruled by your mind. Would you like to live an extraordinary life? For you to be successful? Would you like to take what you are doing to the next level?

The truth about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is to live a balanced life body, mind and spirit. You want to know why? There is energy all around us, don’t discount what you can manifest by tapping into this infinite source. I can help you get there.

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below.

Deb x

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